I know it came out a few days ago, but I thought it was worth mentioning that Google Maps was released for the Palm Treo. Now all of you Treo-loving nerds can enjoy the same on-the-go navigation that we Blackberry users have enjoyed for a year or so now. Go download it now!

Google Maps for Treo


When I was in college and using OneNote, I carried My Notebook around on a flash drive and updated it manually on my laptop and desktop. Which worked fine unless you accidentally overwrote the wrong version and lost all of your notes for the day…or week. Not that I ever did that, of course.

Anyway, Chris Pratley has a post about how to keep your Notebook on a personal site, or the “hard drive in the sky”.

Of course it’s a little late for me, as I’ve already moved over to Google Notebook, but it might be just the thing for you students or professionals out there.


Weather Watcher

I have tried WeatherBug, but I didn’t like it’s chirping and nagging to upgrade. I tried Desktop Weather but it was gaudy and annoying. I like Forecast Fox, but I don’t always have my browser open. And then last week I tried Weather Watcher, and now I am happy.


My favorite application for Blackberry got an update today. Berry411 v3.5 is now available over at Bogle’s Blog. There aren’t a whole lot of new features, but a few fixes for minor issues from previous versions. I’m not sure which versions this app works with, but it has worked fine on both my 7100 and 8700. Go download it now and enjoy!