As soon as the news of an updated Google Reader hit the blogs a week or so ago, I gave the web app another shot at being my rss reader of choice. The functionality that I was looking for was a way to easily send posts to friends through my gmail account. Bloglines makes it a little tricky, but Google Reader nails it spot on. Now Greasemonkey developers have gone to work on the app, producing a script that allows you to search the specific feed that you are reading or all of your blogs. This is a helpful feature while we wait for Google to sort out it’s own search for Reader.

Google Reader with Greasemonkey Hack
(Thanks to Download Squad)


I know it came out a few days ago, but I thought it was worth mentioning that Google Maps was released for the Palm Treo. Now all of you Treo-loving nerds can enjoy the same on-the-go navigation that we Blackberry users have enjoyed for a year or so now. Go download it now!

Google Maps for Treo

College v2 reminded me today about the wonders of msconfig. This nice little feature lets you kill all of those unnecessary startup programs that launch at boot up on your pc. I had forgotten about this function and Adobe startup files were making me crazy.


To quick your start time follow this process:

Click on Start —> Run.

In the field type “msconfig”. A dialog box will pop up and one of the tabs is “Start up”. Here you can uncheck and remove programs that run automatically when windows starts.

(via College v2)

Merlin Mann has a few nice, obvious tips for improving your life in the short term. I particularly found number four to be helpful, as I stare at my over flowing inbox next to my desk. I think I have to get that sorted through this weekend.

Get out of your inbox – Many of us are habituated to living out of our email inbox, voicemail, and the other “in baskets” of our lives. Instead, try to set aside regular, periodic times when you trawl for the new content in your life — then get back to work! Inboxes are delivery systems, not workspaces. The real work is happening in your brain and practically every other place that’s not an inbox. Stop allowing yourself to be brow-beaten by the latest, loudest, or most dramatic item that’s landed in your world.