As soon as the news of an updated Google Reader hit the blogs a week or so ago, I gave the web app another shot at being my rss reader of choice. The functionality that I was looking for was a way to easily send posts to friends through my gmail account. Bloglines makes it a little tricky, but Google Reader nails it spot on. Now Greasemonkey developers have gone to work on the app, producing a script that allows you to search the specific feed that you are reading or all of your blogs. This is a helpful feature while we wait for Google to sort out it’s own search for Reader.

Google Reader with Greasemonkey Hack
(Thanks to Download Squad)


Weather Watcher

I have tried WeatherBug, but I didn’t like it’s chirping and nagging to upgrade. I tried Desktop Weather but it was gaudy and annoying. I like Forecast Fox, but I don’t always have my browser open. And then last week I tried Weather Watcher, and now I am happy.


My favorite application for Blackberry got an update today. Berry411 v3.5 is now available over at Bogle’s Blog. There aren’t a whole lot of new features, but a few fixes for minor issues from previous versions. I’m not sure which versions this app works with, but it has worked fine on both my 7100 and 8700. Go download it now and enjoy!